Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wonderful News!

My sister, and my "twin", Maddy, has decided to climb aboard! She is now the Assistant CEO. :)
I'm so happy! She will be the first person to join me!
Maddy will be signing those six wonderful words on her creations as well. She has also been given the username and password for our blog and she will be allowed to post things just as long as she puts her name at the bottom. Dang, I guess I'll have to do that too.
Well, tata for now, I've got some things to do!

~Lauryn Smith (CEO)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Great News!

Hey, everybody! Guess what? My dad has agreed to help me make a blog for his side of the family! Awesome, right?

So, keep your eyes peeled for that, I'm hoping to call it The Danis Smith Family, but I'm not sure what my dad has in mind.

Also, I forgot to add earlier in my dedication to my family that Grandma Jean has her own website for her artwork--if you're an art lover, you should check it out! It's www.jeanturnersmith.com. Please enjoy!

Cool Twilight Pics

Has everyone seen these pictures before me? It seems like it! I've never seen these before! These are awesome!

For those of you who don't know, these pictures are from the set of Twilight the Movie, from the series by Stephenie Meyer.


Hello, everyone. Welcome to the official website for Lovebuildsahappyhomeinc.! I'm extremely excited! Before I post anything for myself, I'd like to thank my grandma, Jean Smith, for her great influence on me. She's a great artist! And to my mom--who is great at singing and piano playing, which is my musical influence! She is also a great artist. And to my Aunt Amy and my other grandma, Robbyn. Grandma Robbyn has passed her great voice down to my mom, and she has given her great writing talent to Amy.

I'd also like to thank the rest of my HUGE family, for keeping me going and for making me laugh and smile:

--Dad (truly hardworking and intelligent)
--Joe (a great teacher--especially with computers :P)

--Maddy (my "twin" :P)

--Allyson (the cute one and the alien--JK!)

--Amanda(the sweetest little sugar tooth)

--Brytnie (the stylish one)

--Kallie (the outgoing one)

--Andi (the giggly one)

--Jarin (the oldest boy--and the cuddly one!)

--Avery (the baby, and the one we like to call FATBOY!)

--Brenda (the oldest)

--Misty (the second oldest)

--Grandpa Tom (Dad is his miniature!)

--Grandpa Jon (the funny guy :P)

--Derrel (fun to play video games with! (: )

--Natalie (the newest addition to mom's side of the family (: )

I wasn't able to put all of them, but those of you who aren't on this list, I just wanna let you know that you are ALL important in my life--keep on being awesome!